ACC error codes

Error codes for ACC in the Saab 9-5, old generation.

A calibration of the ACC system is done by first starting the engine, and then hold the AUTO and OFF at the same time on the ACC unit. The calibration takes about 30 seconds. A calibration must be performed after the battery has been disconnected. If the battery has been disconnected less than 10 minutes, for example when changing the battery, it will start a calibration automatically when the car is first started.

After calibration any error codes will show up on the ACC unit. The number to the left shows how many error codes you have and the number to the right shows the actual error code. If you have multiple error codes the will be displayed with a 3 second interval.

1Internal control module malfunctionB1605
2Cabin temperature sensor – open or short circuitB1350
3Solar sensorB1340
4Mixed-air temperature sensor, LH – open or short circuitB1345
5Mixed-air temperature sensor, RH – open or short circuitB2345
6Stepping motor, air-mixing flap, LH – open or short circuitB2490
7Stepping motor, air-mixing flap, LH – motor jamB2496
8Stepping motor, air-mixing flap, LH – no mechanical contact with flap – Gör-Det-Själv-GuideB2495
9Stepping motor, air-mixing flap, RH – open or short circuitB2290
10Stepping motor, air-mixing flap, RH – motor jamB2296
11Stepping motor, air-mixing flap, RH – no mechanical contact with flapB2295
12Stepping motor, air distribution flap – open or short circuitB2400
13Stepping motor, air distribution flap – motor jamB2406
14Stepping motor, air distribution flap – no mechanical connection between motor and flapB2405
18Solenoid valve, heat exchanger shut-off valve – open or short circuitB2375
19Circulation pump – open or short circuitB2380
20Ventilation fanB2425
21DC motor, air recirculation flap – open or short circuitB2410
22ACC software – Notering: Inget man behöver bry sig om, om ACC:n fungerar som den ska.
23Sensor GroundB2945