Scratchy bumper strips

Over the years black plastic strips tend to get sun-bleached and collect light wear scratches. There are temporary fixes such as “Back to black” that you rub on the strips, but they easily gets washed away when it rains.

To get a more durable fix we recommend that you use a hot air gun. These can be bought quite cheap. PLEASE NOTE! DO NOT FORGET TO PROTECT THE PAINT AREA SURROUNDING THE PLASTIC STRIP. THE HOT AIR WILL MAKE THE PAINT BOIL!

I used a thick piece of wood veneer to protect the paint. It was cut according to the strips form and then taped in place. I got a helping hand holding them in place and they did a good job protecting the paint job.

Here’s a short video I shot during the procedure:

Below is a before and after picture of how the bumper looked before and after the procedure.