Buying advices

Here we have gathered mixed buying advices for Saab 9-3.


Engines / Service

  • Make sure that the owner has a complete service book. Any engine warranty is only valid if the services has been done at the right time and the history is available in the service book.
  • Diesel: Verify that the diesel heater works.
  • Check if the car smokes during acceleration. If it does, this could indicate a bad turbo or broken head gasket.
  • Check for viisble leakages. Please note that the Air Conditioning can leave small puddles of water underneath the front doors, which is nothing to worry about.
  • When test driving, check if the car jerks or hesitates when accelerating.

Body and paint

  • Check for rust on the body and underneath
  • Make sure that stone chips in the paint has been filled and not began to rust.


  • Check the shock absorbers front and back for leaks and if the car feels wobbly when driving.
  • Listen for clonking or grinding sounds when driving. This indicates bad bushings.


  • Check the condition on the brake discs and brake pads.
  • Check that the handbrake is not slack. When you apply the handbrake the stick should not go all the way up.


Manual transmission:

  • Make sure that the clutch does not take effect immediately, you should be able to press the pedal down a bit. Also make sure that it does not slip.
  • Make sure that you can shift into all gears.
  • Make sure that you can put the car into reverse gear without any noise.
  • Make sure that there are no whining noises coming from the gearbox.

Automatic transmission:

  • Make sure that the automatic transmission is smooth while changing gears.
  • Check the level and color of the transmission oil. It should be a clear red oil.
  • Check if there are any vibrations from the car while driving. Try higher speeds if possible.


  • Make sure that you can adjust the chairs in all ways possible.
  • Check if the radio memory is working by changing channels and saving it, then turn off the car and start it again.
  • Check that the jack and spare tire is located in the trunk.