Check Engine – Show error codes

This is how you can check error codes on Saab 9000 (trionic 5):


  1. Turn the key to OFF
  2. Turn the key to ON
  3. The CHECK ENGINE light will:
    1. Stay lit for 3 seconds
    2. Stay off for 3 seconds
    3. Stay lit for 3 seconds
    4. Stay off for 2 seconds – CHECK ENGINE codes will follow.
  4. The CHECK ENGINE light will blink a couple of times with 0,4s long blinks. Each blink belongs to an error code, if it blinks twice it means you have error code 2. In case you have several engine codes the light will stop blinking for 2 seconds before it continues with the next error code.
  5. After the last error code has been shown the CHECK ENGINE light will turn off for 3 seconds and then light up for an additional 3 seconds. The error codes will repeat until you turn the key to OFF.


Error codes:

Number of blinks – FUNCTION

2 – Manifold absolute pressure sensor
3 – Intake air temperature sensor
4 – Coolant temperature sensor
5 – Throttle position sensor
6 – Lambda (oxygen) sensor
7 – Fuel-air mixture
8 – EVAP valve (ELCD)
9 – Internal ECU fault


You can fix the problems and then reset the error codes by disconnecting the car battery. The error codes will remain in the memory, but the CHECK ENGINE light will not light up if the problem doesn’t reoccur. To remove them completely you wil need Tech 2 (Saab Diagnostic Tool, available in workshops).