Bolt patterns

These are the bolt patterns for those models who we do not currently have pages for.

ModelYearBolt circleETHubThread
904/114,34571,5M ½ UNF
994/114,34571,5M ½ UNF
900-19884/114,34071,5M ½ UNF
9001988-19934/1083965,1B 14×1,50
9001994-19985/1104965,1B 12×1,50
90004/10833-3965,1B 14,150
9-2 X5/1005556,1
9-3-20025/11065,1B 12×1,50
9-3-20025/11065,1B 12×1,50
9-7 X6/1275078,1

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